Why You Should Buy Our Policies

Don't reinvent the wheel - purchase our good quality, standard, ready-made key HR business policies, in as little as 5 minutes.    

So, if you have no policies at all, or they have, until now, been an after-thought, or they are simply too time consuming or daunting to draft or update, then let us help you. 

Who Needs Us?

  1. You are a start-up and require user-friendly key policies to help provide your growing business with necessary protection, and where applicable, meet your/your businesses legal obligations

  2. You are an existing business whose existing policies are perhaps too long and complicated or need an overhaul because they have been amended numerous times to the point that they are not as helpful as they once were

  3. You are an existing business looking to scale-up and require a strong foundation, which our policies could provide, to expand your business

  4. Your existing policies are very old and need to be brought up to date

  5. You have one or more employees/workers/consultants/apprentices and they, and your company, alike, would benefit from gaining a clear understanding of each other’s obligations and expectations

Who This Product is Suitable For

You are a small or medium sized new or existing company - you have taken the awesome step of setting up your company.  You have done the hard work.  Now let us help you set the foundations with strong key policies.  Our policies are suitable whether you are a bakery, jewellery shop, hairdresser or you are an office based, business.  So buy one of our packages, today.    

Buy Our Policies Today             

Buy one of our 4 packages today and start receiving the benefits which our policies will give to you straight away.  You will definitely find a package that suites your business circumstances.  Check out our What We Do page for further details.