Holiday Policy

  • Entitlement to holiday

  • Sickness during periods of annual leave

Whistleblowing Policy

  • How to blow the whistle

  • External disclosures

Drugs & Alcohol Policy

  • Work consequences of drug or alcohol use/possession

  • Drinking at work events

Social Media Policy

  • Rules for using social media at work

  • Responsibilities when using social media

Grievance Policy

  • Formal and informal grievances

  • Right to be accompanied

Equal Opportunity Policy

  • Duties and responsibilities for management and staff

  • Recruitment and selection

Harassment & Bullying Policy

  • Understanding harassment & bullying

  • Dealing with the problem

Maternity & Family Friendly Policy

  • Maternity leave and pay

  • Parental, adoption and ordinary parental leave

Flexible Working Policy

  • How to request flexible working

  • Dealing with a flexible working request

Performance Improvement Policy

  • How formal performance meetings are carried out

  • Performance improvement stages

Absence Management Policy

  • Reporting absence and evidence of incapacity

  • Managing long term and persistent absences

Redundancy Policy

  • Avoiding redundancies

  • Making redundancies

Disciplinary Policy

  • Investigations

  • Dismissal and other sanctions

Bribery Policy

  • What staff must do

  • Instructions on how employees should handle data

Modern Slavery Policy

  • What you should not do as a supplier

  • What you should not do if you are an employee

GDPR Data Protection and Security Policy

  • How the company deals with data

  • Instructions on how employees should handle data

Health and Safety Policy

  • Employers responsibilities

  • Staff responsibilities

Data Audit

  • Examples of what you should consider to help you prepare your privacy policy

  • Once completed this tool will help you on your way to demonstrate GDPR compliance

Data Agreement - between you and 3rd Parties

  • Provides a record that you have satisfied yourself that a 3rd party, who you share personal data with, complies with GDPR, or equivalent, practices  


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